USPS Priority Mail Express

The fastest and easiest way to send USPS Priority Mail Express

How to send USPS Priority Mail Express via

Updated 10.5.2019

  1. Upload your letter, document or form to the letter or document you'd like to send
  2. Enter the destination addresss. You can also upload a list of addresses if you're sending bulk mailEnter the recipients address
  3. Enter your return addressProvide your return address
  4. Select the USPS Priority Mail Express option
  5. Confirm your details, and Pay and send is the easiest and fastest way to send USPS Priority Mail Express. You can send USPS overnight mail online, right from your phone or laptop, with minimal effort, and without having to walk to a post office. 

What is USPS Priority Mail Express?

USPS Priority Mail Express is the fastest mail service offered by the United States Postal Service. It is faster than USPS Priority Mail, USPS Certified Mail or USPS First Class Mail, but it's not available in all zip codes. You can think of it as an alternative to FedEx, although FedEx generally has faster and more delivery options, so whether you choose this will depend a great deal on your use case. USPS Priority Mail Express is essentially the USPS's Overnight option: it is the fastest mail service offered by the Postal Service. It also includes $100 of insurance coverage. USPS Priority Mail Express delivery is generally offered year round in most locations. This is the only USPS Overnight Service available.

How it works:

With, you can

  1. Send USPS Priority Mail Express online (this includes choosing colors vs Black and white, and single vs. double sided)
  2. See the delivery cost and speed before sending
  3. Get a USPS Tracking number
  4. Get USPS Priority Express delivery notifications in your email, and keep track of your mail along the way.
  5. Never step into a Post Office again.

USPS Priority Mail Express items will be delivered in a tracked and insured package that looks like this: USPS Priority Mail Express Envelope

How to track USPS Priority Mail & USPS Priority Mail Express

Looking for USPS Prority Mail Tracking? Head over to the USPS Tracking tool here. You can track up to 35 packages at a time. If you send your USPS Priority Mail via Mailform, we'll send you delivery notifications when complete, and provide you with a downloadable report of all your delivered mail, with tracking numbers and shipping and delivery dates.

Sending USPS Express Mail has never been easier, and now you can do it online. Whether you're sending time sensitive documents, letters or forms, we make it easy peasy, right from the comfort of your home or office. If you have questions, comments or concerns, email us at More services are coming soon!