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USPS Priority & Express Mail orders in by 11am EST are fulfilled same day.

All other mail is fulfilled by the next business day.


Next Day Delivery

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Get USPS Priority Express and Priority Tracking Numbers

When you're sending overnight documents, you want to have confidence that it's been delivered. We'll send you a confirmation email with a tracking number, and a delivery email when your parcel arrives at its destination.

Tracking numbers can be independently verified & looked up via the USPS.


Secure Shipping & Payment

Payments are processed securely via Stripe or Paypal. We never save your credit cards.

Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail documents are fulfilled via USPS Partner Click2Mail.


We built Send Overnight Mail to make it easy to send overnight documents via the mail, really really fast. Mail a physical document, and have it arrive the next day. It is simply the fastest way to send a letter.

Send Overnight Mail is for anytime you need to send a document fast - whether you are a lawyer sending documents, an office manager mailing files, a contractor sending an invoice, or a doctor's office applying for a license. We'll send it out for you immediately. You don't even have to leave your desk! If you're wondering how to send a letter online via USPS First Class Mail, check out Mailform. If you're wondering how to overnight a letter or multiple documents, check out our how-to video: