Frequently Asked Questions

What is Send Overnight Mail?

Send Overnight Mail is the easiest, fastest way to send express mail to anywhere in the world, online or offline. You should never have to leave your desk to send express mail, ever again.

When will my mail be sent?

USPS Priority & Express Mail orders in by 11am EST M-F are fulfilled same day.

All other mail is fulfilled by the next business day. There is no production or USPS pickup on Sundays or postal holidays.

How can I send Fedex using Send Overnight Mail?

FedEx delivery is currently unavailable: check back later.

How much does it cost?

Costs depend on the number of pages, print options and destination, but typically start at $15.00 for USPS Priority mail. See full pricing information.

Do I need to sign up or create an account?

No. No account or signup necessary.

Is there a recurring charge?

No. You will only be charged for the mail you send, nothing more.

What if I need package pickup?

Unfortunately, we currently don't offer package pickup. We can only print and mail uploaded documents.

What if I need my mail sent on Sunday?

Unfortunately we currently do not provide Sunday USPS or FedEx mailing services: you will need to visit a post office near you that has Sunday service. All orders placed on Sunday (or after the cutoff on Saturday) will be printed on mailed on the following Monday (or the next business day, if Monday is a holiday).

What if I need my mail delivered on Saturday or Sunday?

To have your mail delivered on Saturday, please select a USPS mailing service: unfortunately we currently do not provide Saturday delivery of FedEx mailing services. Neither the USPS nor FedEx support Sunday deliveries.

What if I am sending a lot of mail?

Contact us! Send us a message, or email us at

Where can I send express mail?

Currently we have support for mail sent and received from the United States. We are working on expanding coverage to other countries: please contact us if you have other needs.

How do you handle payments?

We use Stripe for all our credit card payments. We also accept Paypal payments.

How do I know my mail was sent?

We will send you an email once your mail has been accepted for fulfillment: this email will include a tracking number for your mail. Typically this will be sent within the next 2 hours after your order was placed.

Are my files safe?

Yes they are! Files you upload are safely stored on our servers, and can never be downloaded. They are only retained until the mail is sent and then they are immediately deleted.

How long do you keep a copy of my files?

Only until the mail is sent and then they are immediately deleted. Any files you upload and delete are immediately deleted as well.

I have another question not covered here?

Contact us! Send us a message, or email us at