Send Overnight Mail to New York

The fastest way to send a letter or document via Fedex Overnight to New York is the fastest and easiest way to print and ship letters, documents, forms, and other time sensitive items online via Fedex or USPS Priority Mail. SendOvernightMail delivers quickly to New York, New York and allows you to meet all your shipping needs online. All Fedex orders are fulfilled via a Fedex Kinkos location. Get instant delivery times, pricing and tracking numbers at the one stop shop for all your expedited document and mailing needs.

If you're wondering how much it costs to send overnight mail to New York, New York, see the table with costs and delivery estimates below. Click "Upload PDF" to get send your mail now!

Sent By Arrives By Cost (10 pages)
FedEx Standard Overnight Today, 3pm PST Tomorrow by 3pm PST $102.97 (est)
FedEx 2-Day Today, 3pm PST Thursday by 3pm PST $108.89 (est)
FedEx Express Saver Today, 3pm PST Friday by 3pm PST $89.27 (est)
FedEx Ground Today, 3pm PST Monday 9/24 by 10am PST $75.73 (est)
FedEx Ground Home Delivery Today, 3pm PST Tuesday 9/25 by 10am PST $75.73 (est)
USPS Priority Express Today, 3pm PST Wednesday 9/26 by 2pm PST $47.83 (est)
USPS Priority Today, 3pm PST Thursday 9/27 by 2pm PST $29.32 (est)
USPS Certified Mail Today, 3pm PST Friday 9/28 by 2pm PST $36.87 (est)

New York, New York is the number 1 city in the US, with a population of over 8.4 million. SendOvernightMail makes it a breeze to print and mail expedited letters, documents and forms to New York. Try us out now, or email for with questions, comments or suggestions!