FedEx Delivery Notification Email

How (and why) to get FedEx Shipment and Delivery Notifications

Opt-In for a FedEx Delivery Notification Email 

Updated 12.3.2019

Whether you want to track a one-time delivery or manage shipping from multiple locations, FedEx delivery notifications keep you up-to-date on each step. 

When you sign up for delivery notifications, you’ll know when your parcel has been picked up by FedEx, when it’s in transit, and when it’s been delivered. You can choose a simple, no-frills tracking option on their webpage. You can also sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager to customize shipments and oversee bulk mail delivery.

As a Send Overnight Mail customer, you automatically receive a confirmation email with a tracking number when you ship parcels via FedEx. We'll also send you a FedEx delivery notification email once your parcel has been delivered. 

There are multiple options for time-sensitive tracking and alerts on the FedEx site. Here’s a handy guide:

Sign up for a FedEx Delivery Notification Email 

Enter your tracking number on the FedEx site and click the orange “track” button. You can enter up to 30 tracking numbers by clicking on the “multiple tracking numbers” link. You can also click the button “obtain proof of delivery” on the top-left menu. 

To receive alerts, follow these steps:  

  1. Select “Get Status Updates” and pick how you want to receive FedEx shipment notifications (FedEx delivery notification email or SMS text).

  2. Complete the required fields and submit.   

Customize Shipping with FedEx Delivery Manager

If you sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager, you can request special services such as:

  •  Custom FedEx shipment notifications, including alerts for delays  

  •  A form for special delivery instructions 

  •  Online package registration to avoid re-delivery 

  •  Instructions for using the mobile app to receive FedEx shipment notifications 

Advanced Shipping Options  

If you’re a large business coordinating hundreds of shipments, there are advanced options:

  • You can troubleshoot delivery issues 

  • You can reschedule a shipment or choose a shipment delivery window

  • You create custom views to choose which shipments you manage. 

  • You can track delivery of only returned items or all inbound parcels. 

  • You can filter shipment notifications to receive only the details you need most urgently.  

Some options require a fee.

Opt-In for Mobile Alerts  

If you’re on-the-go, you can still control your FedEx shipping—even if delivery times or instructions change. 

Text alerts make FedEx signup for delivery notification easy. First, provide your mobile number when you register for FedEx Delivery Manager. Then, if you want ongoing updates for every step of a parcel’s delivery process, text FOLLOW and your tracking number to 48773. Type YES to confirm when you receive the welcome message.

For many, the fastest option of all is to download the FedEx Mobile app (on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android). 

Although you can use FedEx signup for delivery notification, at Send Overnight Mail, we tackle the FedEx paperwork, manage delivery options, and send you FedEx delivery notifications. Simple is better. Use Send Overnight Mail and all you’ll have to do is upload your documents, pick your delivery method, and leave the expediting to us.