is the fastest way to send a letter

The fastest way to send a letter via FedEx Next Day or USPS Express Mail is the fastest way to send a letter. You can upload, print and mail right from your computer, and options include FedEx (Standard Overnight, 2 day, Ground) and USPS (Express and Priority Express). If you want your letter to get there in a hurry, here's how it works:

  1. Upload your letter
  2. Enter the destination addresss. You can also upload a list of addresses if you're sending bulk mail
  3. Enter your return address
  4. Choose a speed. The fastest way to send a letter is by FedEx Standard Overnight
  5. Pay and send
  6. We'll send you a FedEx tracking number and delivery confirmation in the mail

We'll route your letter to the most appropriate FedEx Kinko's location so that it's printed promptly. is the perfect one stop shop for all your expedited document and mailing needs. Try us out now, or email with questions, comments or suggestions!

Sending letters has never been faster. Send letters to arrive tomorrow, and never leave your desk