How to send a FedEx online

How to mail FedEx letters online, via

How to send FedEx Online

Updated 10.27.2019

Send Overnight Mail is the quickest and easiest way to send a FedEx Overnight letter, online or offline. Upload your document and enter the recipient's name and address: we will print it (usually within 4 hours) and hand it over to FedEx for you. You'll get the tracking number emailed to you once it is ready to go, and we'll send you a follow up email once it has been delivered.

Here's how to send FedEx online via

  1. First, head over to, and upload your document(s). You can upload multiple documents and they'll all get printed in the same envelope. Click the Recipient button  to continue.

    First, Upload your file. PDFs only
  2. Enter the recipient address, including the company name if necessary. Currently, delivery is only available to US domestic addresses. Click the Sender button to continue.

    Enter a recipient address
  3. Enter the return address, including the company name if necessary. Click the Confirm button to continue.

    Enter your return address
  4. Select your delivery service and your print options, including color/black and white. When you change an option the price will update, providing you the exact amount you will be billed to complete the mailing. You can click the Send button or the Pay & Send button to continue.

    confirm your order details
  5. Confirm your options once more, then choose how you'd like to pay: you can pay securely with your credit card or use Paypal.

    Pay and send!
  6. Enter your credit card to complete the order and have your document or letter sent via FedEx Overnight. 

  7. That's it! You will receive an email receipt shortly. We will also send you a follow up email with the tracking number once it has shipped, as well as a delivery confirmation email once FedEx confirms that the package has been delivered.

How to send FedEx Overnight letters (Video Tutorial)

When will my FedEx overnight letter be delivered?

If you send a FedEx overnight letter via Sendovernightmail, your delivery time depends when you hit send, and what day of the week you're sending on. One caveat - during peak times like Christmas season, these SLAs might slip:

FedEx Delivery Times
Ordered By 3PM EST Ordered After 3PM EST 
Order Day Delivered By  Delivered By 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Thursday Friday Saturday
Friday Saturday Monday
Saturday Monday Monday
Sundays Monday Tuesday

These delivery times only apply to domestic deliveries. In addition, delivery is available from Alaska and Hawaii to many U.S. markets by 8 or 8:30 a.m., depending on the destination ZIP code. Delivery is also available to many Alaska markets by 9 a.m. For additional details about Alaska and Hawaii shipments, please see FedEx Alaska and Hawaii services. is simply the fastest way to send a Fedex letter overnight; your other option is to head to a Kinko's to print and mail your FedEx letter. This option is obviously available to you, but you'll have to leave your home or office to do it, and with, you can just do it from your browser.

When will my FedEx overnight letter be printed and shipped?

This really depends on when you complete the order. We route all orders to FedEx via their API, who prioritizes routing them to the optimal, open FedEx/Kinko's for printing and shipping. Orders in by 3pm EST are printed and shipped on the same business day, while orders in after 3pm EST are printed and shipped within one business day:

FedEx Print and Ship Times
Ordered By 3PM EST Ordered After 3PM EST 
Order Day Fulfilled Fulfilled
Monday Same Day Next Business Day
Tuesday Same Day Next Business Day
Wednesday Same Day Next Business Day
Thursday Same Day Next Business Day
Friday Same Day Next Business Day
Saturday Same Day Next Business Day
Sunday Next Business Day Next Business Day

What features does offer when sending a FedEx overnight letter?

Customers get to:

  • Send their letter or document via FedEx Overnight, right from their computer
  • Print and ship in black and white vs. color
  • Select from several FedEx services, including Same Day, Next Day, Ground, and more. In addition, we offer USPS Certified, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. 
  • Receive FedEx tracking numbers, reviewable on, via their email
  • Recieve a FedEx shipping notification email once a letter has been printed and put in the mail, and receive a Fedex delivery notification email once a letter has arrived at its destination
  • Send bulk mail via FedEx, with all the above features. 
  • FedEx orders in by 3pm EST will be shipped the same day and delivered on the next business day. 

Getting your FedEx delivery notification via email

In addition to making it extremely easy to mail your important documents, also provides FedEx Delivery Notification Emails. To do this, we integrate with FedEx directly, and whenever FedEx sends shipmment notifications (that tell you when the letter has been handed off to the system) and delivery notifications (as your letter is on its way to the recipient), we notify you so you can keep track of your document at all times. Your FedEx delivery notification email will be delivered to the address used to confirm the order.

SendOvernightMail is unparalelled in flexibility. Please email us at with questions, comments concerns or suggestions!