Print & Ship Services for Legal Professionals & Law Frims

Print, Mail & Track invoices, forms & legal documents via Fedex & USPS Priority Services

Send Overnight Mail is the quickest and easiest way for law firms and legal professionals to print and ship documents right from your desktop. It's useful for evidence, discovery documents, witness lists, depositions and deposition transcripts, and any other time sensitive documents, that you need to be tracked and ensure delivery. Its useful whether you're sending docuements to other law firms, opposing counsel, clients, or anyone else.

Think of as your outsourced mailroom. SendOvernightMail offers a rich suite of printing and mailing services including

  1. Fedex Standard Overnight
  2. Fedex 2 Day Service
  3. Fedex Express Saver
  4. Fedex Ground
  5. Fedex Ground Home Delivery
  6. USPS Priority Express Mail
  7. USPS Priority Mail

Print and Ship using any of these services, right from your browser. Our Fedex service will route your shipment to the Fedex Kinko's location closest to your destination. This ensures the same level of service as if you went to a Fedex Kinko's yourself, and access to the myriad of Fedex services available at those locations. 

Here's how to use

  1. First, head over to, and upload your document(s). You can upload multiple documents and they'll all get printed in the same envelope. Click the Recipient button  to continue.

  2. Enter the recipient address, including the company name if necessary. Currently, delivery is only available to US domestic addresses. Click the Sender button to continue.

  3. Enter the return address, including the company name if necessary. Click the Confirm button to continue.

  4. Select your delivery service and your print options, including color/black and white. When you change an option the price will update, providing you the exact amount you will be billed to complete the mailing. You can click the Send button or the Pay & Send button to continue.

  5. Confirm your options once more, then choose how you'd like to pay: you can pay securely with your credit card or use Paypal.

  6. Enter your credit card to complete the order and have your mailing sent.

  7. That's it! You will receive an email receipt shortly. We will also send you a follow up email with the tracking number once it has shipped, as well as a delivery confirmation email once FedEx confirms that the package has been delivered.

Email us at with questions, comments concerns or suggestions!